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Postdoc Subject2 in Nancy

Title: Design and implementation of a reliable and relocatable bitstream

postdoc at LIEN


Dynamic reconfiguration can offer new strategies for reliability improvement. The task migration and dynamic placement can accommodate permanent faults in the architecture by an appropriate allocation of resources. The structure of the ATMEL FPGA bitstream enable such management strategy and provide a fine placement control. In order to increase the efficiency we will study in this post-doc new approaches
for bitstream distribution and control over the ARDyT reliable FPGA. Reconfiguration time, size and storage will be the major constraints to address and to optimize. Therefore, on-chip hardware solutions should be developed. Based on on-the-fly compression and decompression technics should be studied to address these issues. Dynamic management of bitstream like pre-fetching can be envisaged. Finally,
some techniques of error coding or data representation should be studied in order to improve the bitstream reliability itself.

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